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Tel.: +420 725 103 950, +420 519 370 243


We are offering you the complex offer of dentistry services.

Preventive check-up

Every our new patient takes an entry examination including X-ray checking the duration of which is about 30 – 60 minutes. Consequently we assess the condition of  patient’s oral health and hygiene. After that, the full denture clean-up is carried out including use instructions of dental hygiene aids. If sanitation required we set up the treatment schedule including the economic calculation. At the same time we arrange a preliminary number and dates of necessary appointments.

Every patient should take the preventive check-up once a year at least also in case when he does not suffer from any problem.

Restorative dentistry

Treatment of teeth with filling (“plumb seal” ) from  amalgam,  “white “ composite materials  or glass ionomer cements. Treatment of incipient dental caries by ozone without preparation(without drilling).

Root canal treatment (endodontics) with up to date technologies where the maximum accuracy of filling is respected.

Aesthetic dentistry

Surgery and home teeth bleaching (whitening), making the aesthetic ceramic facets, invisible fillings of anterior teeth.

Prosthetic dentistry

Making fixed prostheses  from metal- or non-metallic ceramic – including large bridges. Making  fixed bridges carried with implants.

Making removable teeth prostheses of all types – partial or full.

Making fixed temporary prostheses immediately after the necessary teeth extractions within 24 hour at the maximum.

Dental surgery

Extraction of teeth including complicated surgical treatments.

Prosthetic dentistry of hard and soft tissues.


Inserting the endosteal implants replacing the natural teeth roots on which it is possible to fix the removable or fixed prosthesis (crowns or bridges).


Parodontium prevention and treatment (of gums, bands and bone in which the teeth are fixed) including parodontium surgical treatments.

Microbiological determination of pathogenic parodontium  bacteria and consequential antibiotic treatment.

Dental hygiene

Professional teeth clean-up.

Instructions of all dental hygiene methods according to the individual needs.

Teeth sand blasting (air flow).

Surgery and home teeth bleaching (whitening).

Sales of hygienic aids and means.

Sales of dental aids

Sales of hygienic aids and means in surgery.

Sales of hygienic aids and means by means of e-shop.

Acute treatment and emergency service in our surgery

Acute treatment

Is provided in surgery hours.

The acute treatment has to be agreed on the telephone number +420 519 370 243  or +420 725 103 950  in advance.

Emergency service

Is provided  outside surgery hours.

The emergency treatment has to be agreed on the telephone number
+420 608 136 410  in advance.

We provide the emergency treatment for patients registered in our surgery free of charge only  at painful condition which relate to actual treatment in our surgeries.

Other patients are provided with emergency treatment for payment, that is the additional charge for treatment outseide surgery hours according to the valid price list.

The legal claim to emergency treatment in our surgery does not arise.

Emergency service outside our surgery

The emergency service, the founder of which is the South Moravian regional authority, is provided in the hospital in Břeclav. The opening and surgery hours are from 8:00 am to 1:00 pm at weekends. At weekends from 1:00 pm, the service is secured in Traumatic hospital, Ponávka 6.